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Lily's House #1

House Without Lies

by Rachel Branton

Lily fills every space in her tiny apartment with endangered teens. They don’t have everything they need, but together they have enough. Or so she thinks—until she meets Jameson. But will he be one more thing Lily has to give up to protect the girls?

Her Dream Didn’t Include Falling in Love

Lily dreams of a big house, a place of refuge for runaway girls. She knows what it’s like to grow up feeling unloved, and she now fills every space in her tiny apartment with endangered teens. They don’t have everything they need, but together they have enough.

Or so she thinks—until she meets Jameson and glimpses the mysterious something between them that just might mean real love.

Jameson, who works as a teen counselor, believes the only way Lily can really help the girls is by certifying as a foster parent and going through the system. But becoming legitimate may mean losing some of the girls to the families who threw them away, and Lily hasn’t worked hard to save the teens only to abandon them now.

It seems Jameson will be one more entry on the very long list of things Lily has given up for the girls. What other choice is there when she is all they have?

When two of the teens’ fathers come looking for them, and another one’s mother plans to put her daughter in danger, Lily’s life spins out of control. They need a new home—and fast. A safe place. A house without lies.

Editorial note: House Without Lies is a complete story without a cliffhanger ending. However, there are currently six sequels that tell the stories of other characters connected with Lily’s House.


D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review says...

"Readers seeking inspirational women's stories with a broader focus than relationship-building moments will find House Without Lies just the ticket. It's filled with many different characters and diverse circumstances, but the overall plot holds true to its intentions and presents a vivid story made all the more immediate by Rachel Branton's choice of using the first person to capture Lily's daily life and feelings. Lily's accustomed to fighting for others: can she fight for herself, as well? An engrossing read, it's also a pleasure to add a note that while House Without Lies is part of a series, it's actually a fine stand-alone story that neatly concludes its plot. Readers will want more, but won't be required to hang off a cliff waiting for resolution—and that's a huge bonus to the first book in this series."

Kate Sweet says...

"I am a SUCKER for the bleeding heart romances—like absolute sucker, and this story delivers! . . . You see from the start that Lily isn't bitter because of her past, she's strong—courageous and determined—she dreams of helping others. She takes in . . . teenage girls who have been abused and mistreated . . . I loved that Jameson became a support, a champion. He wasn't fighting her battles for her, but he was there to help her fight them . . . I resented every moment I had to put this down, in fact I have already bought and jumped into the next book in the series . . . If you're looking for a fun little read, pick this one up. It's hopeful and heartwarming and everything that you'd imagine it to be."

A Voracious Reader says...

"I loved this book so much. Lily has such a great heart, and her willingness to make sacrifices (and I mean big sacrifices) to make sure these girls were safe was her greatest strength. When Jameson shows up, the chemistry sparked. That he was involved in helping youth too just added to what they could potentially share. I crave romances where the love interests share more than just physical attraction. And Jameson's family rocked. This book deals with some tough issues relating to the things that happen to kids. I loved that there were so many good and loving characters to balance out the evil ones. Lily and Jameson were lovely and their romance a delight."

D. Taylor says...

"Lily comes from a lovely privileges life but is willing to give it all up to help young girls who have no where to turn. Jameson is teen counselor not a stranger to troubled teens and a great fit to Lily. I love how he seamlessly comes into everything in Lily's life and embraces it. I couldn't stop reading had to find out how it would all end. Loved it!"

Lara says...

"I enjoyed reading House Without Lies. I could feel Lily's passion for helping the teens she had in her care. I could relate to so many of her emotions. Mario, AKA Jameson, is a great character. I loved reading about Jameson's family dynamics."