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Imprints #2

On the Hunt

by Teyla Branton, 292 pages

In this fast-pace paranormal suspense novel, Autumn’s investigation takes on new urgency when a young boy’s life depends on her ability to read imprints.

Why would a contented husband who has it all simply disappear?

Police believe Dennis Briggs left home voluntarily, but his wife is convinced something sinister has happened. In desperation, she turns to Autumn Rain for help. Autumn has the extraordinary ability to read imprints—emotions left on objects that have special meaning to their owners, but what she discovers about the victim only leads to more questions. Autumn is equally confused by her conflicting feelings for the detective who treats her like a suspect and the supportive boyfriend she has always depended on.

Autumn’s investigation takes on new urgency when Dennis’s young son is also targeted, presumably taken from the backyard of the family’s home. What will she risk to save the boy? Sometimes what you can’t see means everything.

NOTE: This book is a reprint. It was formerly entitled Shades of Gray under another pen name. (No connection to the Shades of Grey erotic novels.)


Jodi says...

"This novel gave so many turns of events that I was a detective as Autumn worked to solving the mystery. The imprinting allows for even more intrigue and suspense, which I love! A great book! I have reread it more than once"

Mary Ann Bulloch says...

"If I had the money I would buy every book this author ever wrote! I loved this book and this series! These books are about a girl named Autumn Rain that can sense imprints off of objects. She uses her ability to help the police find missing people. They are a good mix of suspense and romance and are extremely hard to put down once you start reading them"

Bonnie says...

"I'm going broke buying all of your books! Each one gets better than the last. I loved it! Oh, and I'm NOT getting anything done because I can't put them down."

Overseas Mom says...

"Fast-paced and easy to read! It's light, fun and full of action and drama. This is a perfect book for those long winter evenings, curled up by the fire with a hot cup of cocoa!"

Ann291 says...

"Wonderful story line with lots of twists and turns. Was hard to put this book down. The suspense was thrilling."