Our Solution to Mask-wearing in School in 2020-21

Lisbon’s Mermaid Hairdo

Lisbon's shield and mermaid haircollageSo this is the hairdo I came up with for my youngest child, Lisbon (my mini-me), after experimenting with different shields before school started in the fall of 2020. She had a mask exemption from our doctor, but would have to wear a shield instead.

At that point, we considered homeschooling so that she wouldn’t have to face all the adult anxiety, but she loves school and Portuguese immersion is really important to our family. Fortunately her teachers weren’t overly fearful and the kids managed to learn and have fun.

We eventually settled on this lightweight visor with disposable shields but it only worked with a certain hairdo (we called it mermaid hair) that held it off her face enough that she could actually breathe well. So here’s what I had to do every single school morning for nine months.

It worked okay, but it got old fast. We soon began to HATE the look. The last week of school in May 2021, we were grateful to finally have no more shield, smiles all around, and free-swinging hair!

Teyla Rachel Branton

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