Search For the Easter Basket

Search for the Easter Basket“Tell the Easter Bunny I want my basket hidden really hard,” my daughter said yesterday.

This morning she couldn’t find the basket before hurrying to church to sing with the choir. Afterward, she looked everywhere she could think. Nothing. Her little sister found hers, and both girls found their brother’s (who is a teen and pretends he doesn’t care).

“Maybe the Easter Bunny forgot you,” I told my daughter. “Twelve is rather old to receive an Easter basket, you know. Finally around 4:00 p.m., she broke down and asked for a hint.

“Main floor,” I said.

She looked but found nothing. She asked for another hint.

“It’s on that side of the house.” My husband motioned to indicate the kitchen, dining room, and living room. More searching; still nothing.

Then I said, “You should have your sister help you.”

“No way.” The idea of turning a four-year-old for help was offensive.

“That was a hint,” I added.

“Oh, I have to be short!” She got down on her knees and stumbled around, finally looking under the dining room table. Nestled on a chair under the tablecloth on the far side of the room, there it was! With the set up of the table, it was a little challenging to find (cue evil laughter).

But apparently not challenging enough. I’m thinking of putting it on the roof next year—and then hiding the ladder.

Happy Easter!


Search for the Easter Basket


Easter Basket Found

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